the FAbulous Family

HEre is a picture from this summer, during our fabulous 4th of July celebration at our friends, the Volkman's cabin. Beautiful. From the left, Brecca, Amber, Declan, Yours Truly, and Colton. 

I have a great brood, and I am getting less tired as they get older! Actually, Amber and I were talking the other night about how blessed we are as parents of these guys, because they have all slept through the night from a very early point - especially our youngest, Declan. I think he was about 6 months old when he first slept through, and has since (he's 16 months now). Of course, the next night, he puked three times (I must say, however, that he went right back to sleep each time…so still). the night after that, Amber didn't feel well, then the next night it was Brecca's turn to throw up three times (we were running out of sheets!) and I threw up the next morning (January 31st - we were supposed to have a New Years Party that night as well!). We thought that all of us had turned the corner, when New Years Eve, Colton came into our room complaining of an upset stomach - and then later he threw up three times. So - in the span of four nights I think I got about three full hours of consecutive sleep - and then last night I just could not sleep, as I was struck by the inspiration for this Blog. I cannot say how thankful I am for my Christmas gift of a Caribou Coffee Gift Card this morning! (Thank you Barb!)

Lesson? Maybe a "don't count your chickens" type of bromide would suffice, but I like to think that the real lesson here might be to mash your hands more thoroughly.

Soli Deo Gloria

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