From January 14th,

(quickly - here is a picture of Brecca, my little princess, brushing her teeth. I think I am in trouble with this one, she is just going to "cute" me out of any trouble she might get into. I took this with my iPhone, which takes surprisingly good images - this one at night in low light - I am impressed.)

an email to Amber's dad.
Amber says she talked to you. I saw her on Sunday, and she looks really good. I think she misses the kids, and they miss her, but…
I ask her to describe it to me. It is very difficult for her to do, and for me to understand completely, as I have absolutely no frame of reference here. I can only access it mentally by the term "helpless", which for your daughter MUST be frustrating. She told me that in your talk, she could tell you kind of felt like you wanted so bad to just say "buck up, and get on with life!". She understands. I told her I have felt - feel - the same way. I wish she could just understand that every day can be a happy day if you choose it to be. Every situation that you are in is just that, a situation. Not something to cause you anxiety about. I want to tell her that, but I know that that is not what her problem is, and I am not going to be able to help her in that way. I can only pray that she gets the help she needs, which she seems to be getting - that the help she gets allows her to function, if not on an even better level than before - that I understand what is going on and am given the opportunity to partner with her in her "therapy" by asking salient questions and understanding the answers and implications.
It seems, from her conversation with you, that that is the tack you are taking as well. I can't think of a better one.

Soli Deo Gloria

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