This list was originally taken from my post at the strobist Flickr group discussion of New Years Resolutions - and actually the first item, is the inspiration for this blog.

Better Husband, Better Dad - those first, because they really matter more and it makes me look better in the eyes of those who know who I am and might be reading this.

Think - this is all part of the Strobist mentality, right?

Structure - it follows

Play - see bhbd, as well as with light

Do - I sit a lot and think, "wow, it would be cool to…". I resolve to figure out how to actually do

Give - A: Thanks - to God and to those who help (or hinder, cause that is really help, in a more roundabout way) B: Time - to those who need it most - right now my children and my wife, then my core group of neighbors and friends, then others as it is available. I would like to mentor someone, somehow. C: Money - I would like to test the theory that those who give, receive. Notice, this is the last in the list, and really is the last priority and possibility. I have three kids. That is why I put money last, but it is still on the list.

Intend - this was a hard one to figure out an actionable item for. I am not necessarily one for action items, but I can see how they are helpful. I wish to live my live with more of an intent. Be intentional in my thinking, be observant in my reactions and so forth. I think there is a Proverb in there somewhere.

That is my oath.

Now I need to get some sleep, and think about what BHBD actually means


carlos said...

I thought you were kidding when I saw the post on flickr......

What do you intend to do with this now that you've got it up?

Better Husband, Better Dad said...

Well, I need to figure that out. Especially right now, I need to figure out the Better Husband thing, as my next post will elaborate. I intend this blog to help me be both a better husband and a better dad. I hope that people like you can come by and read, commiserate, offer helpful suggestions and, down the road or even right away, be a support group for dads, even those who don't necessarily want to be better at either part of the title.

That is what I intend. Hold me to it, eh?