Colton and the Tooth Fairy

Colton flew home from Minot last night, with a friend of Pat's. On the way, he lost his first tooth. When I picked him up, he was very excited to see me and tell me that he lost his tooth, that he flew in an airplane, thought that taking off was the coolest thing, could see the whole earth, and that they were even up above the clouds!

When we got home, Brecca gave Colton about 12 hugs. Declan was sort of confused, I think. He smiled when he saw him, but he didn't seem all that interested in Colton, more in Mom and me, which I understand.

When we were putting him to bed, we made certain to put the tooth under the bed, then we had to go hunting for cash - is it ethical to give a kid his own money "from" the Tooth Fairy? We (I) pondered that and Amber hit me. All I had was a 20 and 3 ones - no change. Since he had been such a good kid, and since it was his first tooth, we gave him the ones. When I woke him up this morning, the first thing he said was "What did the Tooth Fairy leave me?" He lifted up his pillow and a huge smile crossed his face! He was so excited, he wanted to show Mom, and I stopped him at first. He looked so crestfallen, I realized he was just so excited, I would let him wake her up.

Getting the kids ready was a special trip to the land of frustration this morning. Brecca was inconsolable for no apparent reason (other than tiredness), and that set Declan off. I was just so tired (Brecca was up at 2 until 2:45, with nightmare) and I hadn't been able to sleep prior to that. Amber was the one who handled it the best, I thought. She reminded me that we are all in a state of transition and that this will be difficult for them for a little while. And, this morning, she made doctors appointments for B and D for this afternoon. She thinks they both might have ear infections, or, since she's coughing so much, that B might have croup or Bronchitis or something like that. Anyway, we will get them all checked out this afternoon, and maybe that will be a big help.

Soli Deo Gloria
Wade Gardner