Declan, Almost 2

In this picture, taken this summer, there he is, in his room, with beautiful light coming in from the two windows on each side of him. Tousled hair as always, asking a question. Gosh if he isn't the cutest. Is it wrong to say "no, you can't have a "pop-tart", and then give him a cookie? I think I rationalize it by thinking "I know what goes into his cookies - for the most part - because I made them."

Does anyone who doesn't work there know what exactly goes into a pop-tart? Especially the ones favored by this one's mother - Chocolate Fudge? I don't think it's chocolate, or fudge.

I will have to make some lunch soon, but that is what I am pondering today. 

Right now, he and his sister are playing in the hallway closet, Brecca saying "I have to go to school!" and then leading him up to their Brother, Colton's room. Colton is actually in school. 

I am so happy to be where I am, on many levels. It is funny to feel this way, and yet at the same time to too easily be angered over little things that these two (and sometimes all three) do. To be at home with them during this time has been such a great blessing. I get to help my kids grow up. Part of me is certain that that is one of the reasons I was let go this summer. To help Amber with her conflicted feelings about daycare and let her feel good about who is watching the kids. I do, however, need to find more things to do with the kids, but I am very happy with how they entertain themselves during these long winter days. We will be going outside after lunch for a little bit before naptime. It has snowed, and they need to understand that they can go out in the winter. (I need to understand that they can go outside in the winter!)

I have to get the kettle on.